सदस्य-सुनिल रंजन सिंह

Mr. Sunil Ranjan Singh

Member- CIEDP

Mr. Sunil Ranjan Singh has joined the CIEDP as an enthusiastic and dedicated activist for the success of the commission, on 9th Magh 2076 BS (23rd Jan 2020 AD).

Mr. Singh was born in the rural area of Srinagar, Ishworpur Municipality Ward no.14, Sarlahi, Nepal. He is well known for his dare-to-do attitude in the betterment of the nation’s functioning in the best interest of the citizen. He has been professionally serving as a lawyer before joining the commission and no doubt the broad-mindedness and patriotism for raising the voice against the wrongdoings in the country have awarded him with his present pride and honors. He has shown a regular involvement in human rights protection, in one or the other, in many legal, political issues, press-related and public movements.

Mr. Singh has a come long way through to being appointed as a proud member of the CIEDP, taking an oath to investigate and come up with the best and honest results in the best respect to the commission and the victim. It would never be wrong to mention that his experiences have proved to be the best asset for him.

He has also invested his talents in working as the Coordinator –NEMA (National Election Monitoring Alliance) Project in Morang District, Nepal. In 2012 A.D. He dedicated his services for the betterment of the prisoners while being appointed as a member of the Nepal prisoner’s commission, formed by the then Cabinet of the Government of Nepal. He also served as a legal advisor of the Timber Corporation of Nepal 2068 to 2069 (B.S) and as a Board Member of Peace and Trust Fund (government of Nepal).

He also gained the utmost success and fame after serving as a Member of the Commission for the determination of the number and boundaries of Village Bodies, Municipalities, and Special, Protected, or Autonomous Regions. The commission must determine the number and boundaries of the Village Bodies, Municipalities, and Special, Protected, or Autonomous Regions.  2073/12/29 to 2074/11/30 B.S. Constitutional member under the constitution of Nepal.

As a successful lawyer, he has filed almost more than 100 PILs, including Victim Justice, Inclusiveness, and establishment of the rule of law, and other effective ones. Due to his PIL, the Supreme Court of Nepal gave the interim order for the re-establishment of the then Chief Justice Shree Sushila Karki when the Members of Parliament of Nepal registered the allegation for impeachment in Parliament of Nepal. As a result of his other PIL, the Supreme Court of Nepal ordered the establishment of the “Vetting System”, for the first time in Nepal.

As an enthusiast for the improvement of the nation and the society, he has taken part in more than 20 legal and political researches and published more than century articles in various journals and newspapers and offered more than 100 interviews to the journalists on television and radio channels.

Currently, he holds four Master’s Degrees in the courses, namely-LLM in Criminal Law and Justice System (PU), Political Science (TU), History (TU), and Culture (TU). He is also a proud Ph.D. Scholar from Nepal Sanskrit University and an MPA scholar for Tribhuwan University.

With his scope of experiences and diplomatic and academic knowledge, being given a chance to serve this prestigious commission, he is always dedicated to fulfill the oath he has taken and leaves no stone unturned for the best interests of the commission, people, and the nation.