Meeting with Bagmati Province Forest and Environment Hon’ble Minister Mr. Bishal Khadka

Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappearance Person, Pulchok Lalitpur has concluded meeting with Bagmati Province Forest and Environment Hon’ble Minister Mr. Bishal Khadka dated 3rd February, 2022. In the beginning of the meeting chairperson Mr. Yubaraj Subedi has stated commission’s work and progress till date. Moreover, members of the commission Mr. Bishoprakash Bhandari, Dr. Gangadhar Adhikari, Mr. Sunil Ranjan Singh, Mrs. Sarita Thapa has appealed the minister for necessary cooperation regarding reparation to victim family of enforced disappearance person. During the meeting, members said that commission has been distributing the victim identity card and state has to play role as a guardian towards victim family and should facilitate for the reparation by the local level and provincial government. Moreover, members of the commission urged to the minister for necessary assistance and cooperation for the reparation. Victim family seek minimum facilities from the state which has not been started yet. Hence, Bagmati province government could start minimum actions like provide some wood to those victim family who don’t have shelter, some firewood for their livelihood, certain percent reservation provision for at least ten years in Police Act and Province Public Service Commission for the employment opportunities to the victims, discount on transportation, health insurance, construct government building, bridges and memorable parks in the name of enforced disappeared person, employment opportunities in local level and mention about reparation while making law in local and provincial level.

Additionally, chairperson of the commission has put his remarks especially on making policy level activities in the matters like consensus for reparation, relief to left victim, Cooperation between center, province and local level government in reparation issues to be provided to the victim family. He also urged minister to begin the activities soon by the Bagmati province so that it would sent positive message to other provinces as well. Finally, Bagmati Province Forest and Environment Hon’ble Minister Mr. Bishal Khadka has shared his bitter experience on such enforced disappeared person matters and said those issues are very sensitive and need to be solved with special actions. The minister has committed for necessary support and cooperation for the reparation to the victim on behalf of the Bagmati province Forest and Environment ministry.