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"Truth, Justice and Reparation for Dignity"


Truth, Justice and Reparation for Dignity

Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons, Nepal - CIEDP

A brief Information of CIEDP

1. What is CIEDP?

Many People were disappeared forcefully during the period of armed conflict. It is required to find truth and fact to prosecute offender and to provide justice to the victims. For this very purpose, CIEDP is the body established to investigate the cases about the conflict related disappeared Persons.

2. What is meant by armed-conflict?

The conflict between the state party and the then Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) during 2052 Falgun 1 B.S. (13 February 1996) to 2063 Mangsir 5 B.S. (26 November 2006) is known as armed conflict.

3. What is the meant by gross human rights violation?

The gross human rights violation means various acts in a targeted and planned way against unarmed person (not carried weapon or not taken part in the war/conflict) or mass community, including the act of disappearing persons.

4. What are Human Rights?

Krishna Jeevi Ghimire

Ishwori Prasad Dhakal
Joint-Secretary and Spokesperson

Nirajan Ghimire
Information Officer

Commission of Investigation on Enforced Disappeared Persons

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Toll Free No. 1660-01-22111